Science Me Up

Our crew

Our story

The Science me Up adventure began in late 2016 once the two co-founders completed their PhDs. They wanted to rethink the employment system in the field of science, to propose new approaches to innovation, and to highlight the journeys and skills of researchers. Thus, the Science Me Up rocket was built and the company was launched in March of 2017.

Multiple space probes were sent out in during the development of the company’s professional network. Much like the ISS, three of them are currently in orbit, representing Science Me Up’s three areas of activities: recruitment, training, and event planning in the academic-industrial environment.

After a business partnership and many conclusive intergalactic reconnaissance missions that began in early 2018, the crew of Science Me Up landed on the planet of the Leyton group at the end of the same year. Their mission? Proposing a global approach and allowing travelers, astronauts, cosmonauts, passengers, and pioneers, clients of the two entities, to benefit from a solid launch base, regardless of their planet of origin.

The future of our clients is being built today around their trust in our multi specialist and able crew, who provide follow-up during each of the stages of interstellar travel and who can bravely face all the meteorites, black holes, and asteroids that may prevent the growth of their clients.

To avoid having to send out a distress call, make the right choice! Join us on board!

The founders

David Bruchlen PhD

General Director

Captain of the vessel. A touch cynical but always kind, he only needs one look to be able to get you on course.


The crew

Tania Ocana PhD

Recruiting Expert

A Mediterranean native living in the Grand Est, she was able to survive the cold thanks to her overflowing energy and the Alsatian cuisine.


Gautier Lavigne

Technical Recruiter

A modern-day explorer, this Indiana Jones without a hat can discover any and all treasure. Except those made of chocolate.


Jean-Yves Arrouet

Technical Recruiter

Amateur boxer but still a gentleman, he traveled through many countries in order to acquire his characteristic wisdom and to become the Yoda of Cobol.


Hugo Font

Digital Communication Specialist

His love for fried chicken gives him the nickname “mini tenders”: tender on the inside  and yet as crispy as can be.


Nouhaila Jouida

Recruitment Consultant

Adventurer and passionate about wild animals, she enjoys going on expeditions in the candidate’s jungle in order to hunt down the best profiles.